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Marketing at Evo | Striving to become a better human being, thinker, and technology advocate, in that order


  • Clef.C


    First joined Medium after being inspired by writers whom I could relate to. I hope to pay it forward through my bite sized life experiences.

  • Yagyavalkya Sharma

    Yagyavalkya Sharma

  • Steffen


  • KS


  • Phil Menzies

    Phil Menzies

  • Patagon


    We create financial and economic opportunities for every single person in this planet.

  • TrustMe™/TPX™ Property Exchanges

    TrustMe™/TPX™ Property Exchanges

    TrustMe™/TPX™ is a London based, DLT / AI, software development, applications and services company providing solutions to industries, governments and consumers.

  • Ben Dubuc - SEO

    Ben Dubuc - SEO

    I help businesses to stand out and be successful on the web by crafting future proof digital marketing strategies. #Interpublic

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