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With the third Bitcoin halving looming closer on the horizon, what is going to happen? What can we expect?

Bitcoin’s third halving event has been at the heart of recent debates and discussions, generating polarising views on the effect it will have on the cryptocurrency and the ecosystem. To understand why this is such a widely anticipated event, let us first talk about Bitcoin mining and block rewards.

What are block rewards?


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China has the ability to drive blockchain technology into the hands of a billion Chinese users.

China is coming ahead in the digital currency race, and they are finding themselves in a good position to push blockchain technology to more than a billion citizens.

There is no denying that China has gained a firm grip and heavy influence on the future of the blockchain industry and…

Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto the people the things that are the people’s.

“Trust is at the core of any system of money. For it to work, people must feel confident that a currency will be held in the right esteem by others.”

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For any currency — traditional or digital — to be viable and widely used by a community or society, the…

The nature of work has evolved significantly in the past decade. Why hasn’t the way we work changed?

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The growing global gig economy

The 9-to-5 workday, birthed from nineteenth century socialism, is starting to look irrelevant. The economy has progressed since the First Industrial Revolution and work itself has evolved significantly.

The evolution of the internet and software companies gave rise to a global gig economy, one that goes far beyond just Uber…

Binance is leading the charge for the next cryptocurrency bubble, one more spectacular than what we have seen in 2017.

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In this deep crypto winter filled with uncertainty and pessimism, Binance looks like it is warming the industry up.

For the uninitiated, token sales or Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a means of crowdfunding for blockchain projects, allowing developers to raise funding for the research and development of new blockchain…

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